About Sylvie & Mira

For years fluid lines, vivid patterns, and complex color combinations have been whispering to me. Until the right time came, and I was finally ready to translate those unseen designs into the bold collection you see today.

Sylvie&Mira was born out of an abundance of ideas. It’s as if the patterns and colors choose me to give them life. Creating these designs is the release of years of inspiration, aspiration, and imagination.

Color and texture fuse in my mind, and when a clear vision strikes I cannot get paintbrush to paper fast enough. But visual art is not enough for me. My artwork is created to be an integral part of life.

That is why I incorporate digital print. This method reproduces my watercolors exquisitely for interiors—reprinted fully alive with every nuance of the original. Both the painter and interior designer in me cannot help but be delighted by this reciprocal relationship.

My collection was created from a unique combination of practical experience, firsthand exploration, and resolute courage. It was named after my two beautiful daughters who show me how to look at the world differently and challenge its conventions.

What you see today is not merely a line of fabrics, wallcoverings, and rugs. Sylvie&Mira is my translation of an unseen revelation into a seen expression. I hope this joy-filled collection brings as much fulfillment to your life as it has to mine.

Watercolor Leap

Sylvia & Miranda with bolts of fabric