Sylvie and Mira- Artisan Textile Line

The idea for Sylvie and Mira an artisan textile line began many years ago, as an interior design student, I drempt of creating my own textile line. I didn’t have an idea of how I would create it or what it would look like but I knew that this was one say I wanted to express my love of interiors and textiles. I started my career as an interior designer, got married, started my own design practice, LiLu Interiors, had children and life went on. When I turned fifty, I looked back on the dreams I had but had not realized and decided to design my textile line, Sylvie and Mira. The line is an homage to my daughters and named for them.

I wanted to have my line look and feel like joy and beauty. Over the years, I had become a painter and particularly loved watercolor so that is where I started with the textile designs.

Sylvie and Mira is a to the trade line of fabric, rugs and wallcoverings. All the fabric and rug patterns can be custom colored to fit with your vision for your client. I hope you enjoy this look at how our artisan textiles are created.